Other Projects

LICED /SAHAS Program (Local Initiative Community Empowerment and Development)

Funding partner: Lutheran World Federation Nepal LWF

Major target: Poor and vulnerable  Dalit, women ,  Single women, Haliya group   and  disable person

  • 20 TEP (Transformative Empowerment Program) class held at community.
  • 20 TEP class have held at community at Bdimalika Munipality ward No.2,3,5 and 9
  • Seed and equipment to 20 Agriculture group’s members had been supported. and  group poor and haliya group member have been the income by vegetable farming. 
  • We have selected 10 the participant’s and then we held sewing cutting vocational training on one time.

Social services unit

Funding partner: Government of Nepal / District Hospital Bajura

Duration : 2023 March. to till now

Major target: Poor and vulnerable group

  • Provide equal access of health services to all patients.
  • Providing special services free of charge and at partial discounts.
  • Facilitating, organizing, transparent and effective social security programs to create an environment where the target group can receive health services.

Home Grown School Feeding Program

Funding partner: USDA/WFP/Mercy Corps
Duration : 2023 March. to till now
Major target: School (grade 1-6) small farmer, cooperative

  • Improve the nutrition of schoolchildren and boost local economies.
  • links school feeding programmers with local smallholder farmers.
  • promote nutrition education and better eating habits, and encourage the diversification of production with a special emphasis on local crops.

ICDP/ livelihood Program

Funding partner: Good Neighbors International
Duration : 2016 Nov. to till now
Major target: Poor and vulnerable group.

  • Financial and marketing services boost enterprise development and Income generation activity.
  • Micro- enterprises generate profit and
  • Ultra poor households achieve food sufficiency through income
  • Commercial enterprises development through the revolving
  • Construct the infra structure to support the income generating
  • Goat value chain project held at Khanabad chhededaha rural municipality.
  • 450 HHs goat shed management, goat feed management skill training
  • 450 Goat shed build at Kanda and Jayabageshori.
  • 60 Breading buck support.
  • 1 collection center construction.

Safe WASH behavior Promotion Program

Funding partner: Global Sanitation Fund/UN HABITAT/SEBAC Nepal
Duration : December 2011 to April 2014
Fund size: NRs 18 Million
Major target: 15VDCs of Bajura .

GIFT-Nepal has implemented Safe WASH behavior Promotion program with the support from Global Sanitation Fund/UN HABITAT/SEBAC Nepalin 15 VDCs and delivered below outputs:

  • Facilitated to declare ODF in 15 VDCs
  • Supported to DWASHCC in district ODF declaration
  • Formation/ strengthening and mobilization of V-WASH-CC in all 27 VDCs.
  • Strengthen and support D-WASH-CC
  • Training for Triggers & Mass Sensitization
  • Provided mason training for constructing latrine
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Community Mobilization
  • Establishment Matching fund in VDCs & Seed money to schools for WASH movements
  • Safe hygiene behavior promotion on safe human excreta management, proper hand washing with soap and safe water handling
  • Awareness building on water born disease, child caring, nutrition.

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program

Funding partner: Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Fund Development Board HABITAT/SEBAC Nepal
Duration : May 2012 to Oct. 2015
Fund size:  1.7 Million
Major target: Poor and Dalit .

In the project Phase, the following activities will be completed:

  • UC formation in three schemes
  • Detail Survey
  • Training for UC members
  • Orientation on sanitation for School teachers
  • CAP development
  • 2 schemes of DWS has completed
  • 7Training and capacity buildings

Comprehensive Package for Migrants and their Families Program

Funding partner: AMDA Nepal
Duration : May 2012 to April 2013
Fund size:  1.1 Million
Major target: Migrants and MARP

During this period the following activities will be completed.

  • Home to home visit at the migrants cluster
  • Set up transit point
  • Day celebration
  • Coordination and linkage with stakeholder

Sustainable Access to Finance and Livelihood-SAFAL

Funding partner: BHCT/UKAID
Duration : Nov. 2013 to Dec. 2015
Fund size:  4.5 Million
Major target: Cooperative/ financial institutions

Since this project has been just started the following activities has been planned:

  • Identification of the cooperative and group,
  • Capacity building and strengthening
  • Coordination with financial institution,
  • Identification of the market and livelihood support
  • Make linkage between commercial and development bankers to CIs for

Comprehensive Package (on HIV &AIDS) for Migrants and Their Families Program

Funding partner: UNDP Nepal
Duration : Aug 2008 to July 2011
Fund size:  15 Million
Major target: Migrants and their families

  • One Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) center established and operated.
  • 45 Peer Educators and 5 Outreach Workers (OWs) mobilized.
  • BCC outreached to migrant labors and their families through peer educators and
    outreach workers by doing house to house visit.
  • STI cases diagnosed and treated,
  • Demonstration of proper use and distribution of condom
  • Distribution of IEC materials.
  • Conduction of mobile camps for VCT and STI.

SHOVAA Program

Funding partner: Save the Children, Nepal
Duration : Feb 2002 to Dec 2004
Fund size:  2.66 Million
Major target: Youth and most at risk population

  • 32 SoVAA Group Formation
  • 6 VDC Level and 1 District level SoVAA Network formation.
  • 730 person are trained SoVAA formed.
  • Exposure visit to SoVAA organized.

The Community for Peace Program

Funding partner: The Asia Foundation
Duration : July 2006 to June 2007
Fund size:  1.1 Million
Major target: Conflict affected youth

  • 2 Psycho Social counseling center established at Kolti and Martadi, mainly focusing
    to the Conflict Victim youth.
  • 10 Peace action Group formed
  • 97 people took counseling service and 25 social mobilization activities were

Small Business & Merchant Support Program

Funding partner: The World Bank
Duration : July 2006 to June 2007
Fund size:  1.4 Million
Major target: Women of Community

  • Training on quality control and management of Hemp provided to 4 mother groups
  • Local product’s (Hemp) rate increase Rs. 650 from 400 due to improvement on
  • Observation tour organized
  • GIFT production center established at martadi for Hemp promotion.

Human Resource development for RH

Funding partner: BNMT, Nepal
Duration : July 2012 to 2013 November
Fund size:  0.7 Million
Major target: Adolescent group

  • Establishment of youth communication center
  • Formation of District level RH coordination committee
  • Conduct various training targeting to adolescents

Improved Water Mill Support Program

Funding partner: Center for Rural Technology, Nepal
Duration : April 2011 to 2012 December
Fund size:  0.5 Million
Major target: Poor traditional water mill owners

  • Conduction of traditional water mill base line survey
  • 40 improved water mill established
  • 2 Bio gas plant constructed

Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP)

Funding partner: DDC/LGCDP Bajura
Duration : July 2010 to 2013 June
Fund size:  1 Million
Major target: Poor & Vulnerable

  • Formation of 36 ward level ‘Ward Forum’ at 4 VDCs
  • Formation of 4 Citizen awareness center
  • Conduction of DAG Mapping