Rural Initiation Program






The project was funded by Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), Nepal/ Nepal Government targetting poor and vulnerable people of Bajura District.

Funding Patner: Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF), Nepal/Nepal Government

Duration: 2006 May to 2019 April

Fund size: Annually 3 Million

Major target: Poor women, Dalits and
marginalized community


  • Till now, 150 COs has been formed in 7 VDCs and facilitated them to implement 142 Income Generating Activities related sub-projects.
  • The sub-projects are mainly related with goat raising, vegetable farming, and Poultry farming etc. till date through the community organization more than 50 million rupees has been mobilized at the community level.
  • Established Special Pocket Area for potato and ginger farming at Budiganga and Toli VDCs respectively.
  • Construction of Second Tharkhola Micro Hydro (35KW) in collaboration with REDP.
  • 7 VDC level community organization networks formed in all programmed VDCs and capacitated them to develop planning and monitoring activity of their member organization.
  • 15 DWSS scheme completed. Various skill and management oriented training provided. (E.g. Leadership skill development, Book keeping management, Tailoring, Carpentry, goat raising, poultry, vegetable farming etc.)