Community Support Program (CSP)






Funding Patner: CARE Nepal

Duration: October 2012 to March 2014

Fund size: Annually 10.50 Million.

Major target: Poor and Socially Excluded groups


  • Public auditing in all the sub-projects
  • Strengthening LGCDP program,
  • Support to bottom up planning process
  • District disaster reduction plan initiation.
  • Access to government’s initiatives of reconstruction and rehabilitation of rural
  • School facilities, health post, drinking water and irrigation facilities rural roads and
    bridges, community centers, communications as well as ensuring the food security
    and livelihoods of the conflict affected people.
  • Since 2011 to till date complete infrastructure activities given below: School
    building support 11, Community building 2, Water supply 6, Furniture support 2,
    Mitigation 6, Foot teal 2, Irrigation 2, Cut bridge 1, Safe house 1, Equipment support
    for Health post office 3 (Berthing center), CBDRMC equipment support 8, District
    Disaster Risk Management Committee equipment support 1 also was done.