We are a non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change.

GIFT-Nepal, registered as a non- profitable, non- governmental development organization, was established in August 1994 by a group of people who have wide and profound experience in community development activities at the grassroots level, especially in the context of Bajura district. Its registration number at the District Administration Office is 23/053 and its affiliation number with Social Welfare Council (SWC) 5701/054 (1997). Its head office is in Martadi, the headquarters of Bajura District. GIFT-Nepal has a total of 112 general members – 47 Female and 67 Male. Its executive committee comprises 11 members, of whom 4 are Female. The actual beneficiaries of the organization are rural community people of Bajura district. The main focus of the organization is in the area of community development including poverty alleviation, identification and settling of gender issues, health and sanitation, protection of local environment, forest conservation and management.

Our Objectives

  • Implementing various income generating and skill building program.
  • Implementing environment conservation and sanitation activities.
  • Implementing social awareness increasing activities threw Non Formal Education.
  • Network formation of civil society and program implement throw them.
  • Conducting various training, workshop and observation tour for capacity building of civil society.
  • Maintain good relation with district level line agencies and other NGOs, take support from them for successful implementing of various programs.
  • Implementing community development programs to using of local resources with partnership of national and international NGOs.
  • Implementing of Public health related activities.
  • Construction of infrastructure to community and School.
  • Identification and support on protection of Tourisms area.
  • Support to community on handover of community forest and lease fare forest under the Forest Policy of Government.
  • Flow up of Government’s rule and implementing various activities to support on fulfillment of National objectives.

We been present for over 26 years. We make the best for our community.

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Our Goals

  • To create an equitable society by empowering the Dalits, the children and the women through capacity building.
  • To bring about positive changes in the lives of economically backward farmers by launching income generating programs.
  • To raise public awareness by launching community health programs.
  • To build necessary infrastructure for communities and schools.
  • To identify, promote and preserve tourist attraction sites and to develop tourism industry in Bajura.
  • To enhance organizational development.ves.

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